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Monday, 11 August 2014

Remnants of Hurricane Bertha hits Kingussie: blocking the Caledonian Sleeper

 Sand, silt and debris brought down by the River Gynack across the Inverness to Perth 
railway line blocking the Caledonian Sleeper in Kingussie Station

 The rampaging River Gynack

Heavy rain caused by the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha turned the River Gynack that runs through Kingussie into a raging torrent of water carrying silt and trees onto nearby streets and the Perth to Inverness railway line blocking the overnight Caledonian Sleeper at the station. The plan is to bus passengers this evening from Inverness and Aviemore to Kingussie from where the sleeper will head southwards to London Euston overnight.          

 Welcome to Kingussie's famous beach!

 The line north

 Tree debris washed down by Gynack onto the line

The Caledonian Sleeper parked@Kingussie Station 

 Caledonian Sleeper@Kingussie Station

 Two rail workers@Kingussie

 Beach patterns on the platform of Kingussie Station


Luc Charlier said...

Two railway workers, Jim! More than you would ever manage to find in any SNCF town of call the size of Kingussie. But maybe they are only stationed there because they are keen followers of shinty.

Jim's Loire said...

Luc. This is certainly in the heart of shinty.