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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Macedonia: some photos from Saturday (10th May 2014)

 Dalvina: part of the vineyards planted on 
very flat land making the Médoc look mountainous!
They have 340 ha of vineyards – incl 130 ha of wine grapes

Yesterday was our last day in Macedonia – the warmest and sunniest day of our stay. We visited three wineries: starting with Dalvina, then Ezimit Vino before ending at Stobi where after tasting the range of their wines we met up with representatives of all the wineries we had visited for a buffet supper. Overnight we had a very brief stay at the Aleksandar Palace Hotel in Skopje – getting up at 3.15am this morning to depart at 4am to get to Skopje Airport for a 5.50 to Zagreb. Ouch!  


Table grapes – Victoria
eating grapes tend to be grown on a pergola system
 Channel for irrigation – drip feed irrigation is being installed

 Julia Harding MW catching the wild flowers

 The Dalvina Winery (above and below)

 Human ants!

Ezimit Winery

 Ezimit offices etc.

 The vineyards are full of flowers and life – no wonder 
we came across a wild tortoise out for a stroll!

Tractors for between the rows, hoeing by hand between the vines

Filip Blazeski, general manager 

Petar Milev: wine-maker


Stobi Winery

Stobi tanks (above and below)

Stobi vineyards@Vilarov

Weed control a mix of cultivation and herbicides

Vineyards@Lepovo Hills (above and below)

 Group@Lepovo Hills

Dane Jovanov, winemaker

 Julia Harding MW


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