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Monday, 27 January 2014

With the Outsiders in Montpellier: 26.1.2014

Some photos from The Outsiders event@La Panacée, Montpellier last evening. Some excellent wines including very good whites.

An outsiders' badge and some of the producers

 Graham Nutter, Château Saint-Jacques d'Albas

Vianney Fabre, Château d'Angles 

 Vianney and Eric Fabre, Château d'Angles

 Robin Williamson, Domaine de Saumarez

NicolAs MollArd and Béatrice Fillon, Domaine Le Clos du Serres

  NicolAs MollArd, Domaine Le Clos du Serres

Caryl and Jan Panman: Château Rives-Blanques 

Pouring their very attractive Chenin Blanc...

.. which is so valuable that it is poured back into the bottle after photos taken!

Jean-Luc Danto assessing a wine

Louise Hurren who organised the event

A real outsider: Jonathan Pabiot from Pouilly-Fumé!


Louise Hurren said...

Hi Jim, thanks so much for coming to our event and kindly sharing the photos, I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did! See you soon, Louise

Jim Budd said...

Many thanks Louise. I enjoyed it and had a good time – promising start to MillyBio!

Peter van den Besselaar said...

Rives Blanques' Chenin Blanc poured back in the bottle - it's a Dutchman, ehehehe!

Jim Budd said...

Peter. To be fair the wine was in short supply and there were still people tasting.

Caryl said...

Hi Jim, lovely to meet you - and great photos too! Two truths revealed: a camera never lies, and it takes a Dutchman to know one ... (teehee!)