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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Pruning a Muscadet 'Grand Cru': Terre de Gneiss

Christelle Guilbert (Decanter magazine) and Vincent Caillé, 
her partner in the Terre de Gneiss project, 
deep in a pruning discussion

This morning we dropped in on the first day of pruning at the famous Terre de Gneiss in the small Nantais village of Monnières. Pruning vines is far from the sexiest job in the vineyard, although it is certainly the longest and one of the most crucial. The annual pruning will determine not only how your vines will grow in this year but also next year and perhaps further on. Pruning old vines is especially delicate, so no wonder there were intense but friendly discussions over what to cut and what to leave on the more problematic vines. 

Christelle – time to make the cut

Vincent trying the dessicated 2016 grapillions
(3rd generation grapes which are left on the vine 
at harvest because they are not ripe)

Ben Llewelyn given carte blanche to prune

The loneliness of the long distance pruner
More intense discussions 

Tension mounts time to make the crucial cut nears.... 

Ben with Mick O'Connell

 Pruner using electric secateurs – expensive but 
saves the joints from rheumatism but they have to be handled carefully!

The de rigueur Vendée Globe pruning jacket.....

La Pause.... time to drink a cru Muscadet

1 comment:

Andrew Sykes said...

That bloke in the red and black jacket is holding the secateurs all wrong. I wouldn't let him near my grapes!