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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tim Brown (aka Aaron Timmer Brown) sacked by Wine.Pop

Tim Brown (aka Aaron Timmer Brown)

The very good news is that Tim Brown (aka Aaron Timmer Brown) has been sacked by Wine.Pop. His consultant contract as market manager for Wine.Pop was terminated by Tom Voltz, founder and editor in chief, on Thursday 8th December 2016. Brown's contract was due to end on 31st December 2016. Voltz informed Brown that his contract would not be prolonged. 

Tom Voltz

Sinisa Curovic

I hope that getting rid of Brown will now allow Wine.Pop to progress and fulfill its aim to support small wineries in offering oenotourism.

I want to make it clear that I have never been against Wine.Pop per se. Instead I was very concerned that Brown was part of this project. I would like to see Tom Voltz and Sinisa Curovic now making Wine.Pop a success. 

Comment from Tom Voltz of Wine.Pop (14.12.16): 

'Dear Jim,

Pursuant to our tele conversation:

I advised Tim Brown last week, that I would not be prolonging the contract running out on December 31st 2016 and asked him to cease any activity for WinePop effective December 8th 2016.

With WinePop I am trying to level the playing field especially for smaller and medium sized wineries, so that they can present themselves equally well as the big players. The project started two years ago as ArteBacchus. Originally I planned a series of books in multiple languages about the many unknown wineries (in the public eye). It turned out, that books these days are not the way to reach the general public. While the first edition of the app had it’s focus on offering an audio guide system for winery tours, without wineries having to invest in expensive equipment, it quickly turned out, that the extensive information section was considered much more valuable. So this is, what we are focusing on now (the audio guide being integrated). Me from an editor’s point of view and Sinisa Curovic from a wine expert’s view.

Best regards

Tom Voltz


Tim Brown
As for Tim Brown, the abrupt and early ending of his contract with Wine.Pop, tells you all you need to know about Brown along with his theft of the bulk of the Paul Kimmage Defense Fund and his failure to honor the maintenance payments in Canada to his wife.  

This latest episode should persuade anyone in the wine industry in Catalonia and the rest Spain that it is a very bad idea to employ Tim Brown (aka Aaron Timmer Brown) in any capacity whatsoever.   

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