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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Wine.Pop: Questions to Aaron Timmer Brown (the man who trousered the Paul Kimmage Fund)

Questions to Aaron Timmer Brown:   
Yesterday (5th November 2016) I sent a series of questions (see separate post) to Brown.

Dear Aaron
As one of the chief organisers of the WinePop app I would like to ask you some questions before posting on my blog Jim's Loire and other media.

Paul Kimmage Defence Fund
a) You have a 2015 US court judgment against you for $84,925.22 in respect to the Paul Kimmage Defence Fund. I understand that as there is interest due on this sum the total continues to climb at the rate of $27.92 a day, so it would appear that you now owe a little over $100,000.

Do you intend to repay the money that you took from the Paul Kimmage Fund? Have you repaid any of this sum and, if you do intend to pay, when do you anticipate that the full debt will have been paid?   

I should declare that I was a small contributor to the fund but was not involved in the class action. 

Earlier this year Paul Kimmage was fined by a Swiss Court for libelling Hein Verbruggen.  The money you stole would have assisted his defence. Have you made any attempt to pay Kimmage's fine from the fund that you stole? 

b) Maintenance to Jennifer Brown in Nova Scotia, Canada
As of 22nd June 2011 maintenance payments due from Aaron Brown to Jennifer Brown totaled $77,031.01. You are due to pay $1700 a month. During the period 17.6.2009 and 22.6.2011 you paid a total of $248, so your debt rose from $38,178.01 to $77,031. What is the current position in respect to the maintenance that you owe to Jennifer Brown please?    

c) Video – Grapes of Catalunya
Four wineries paid a monthly retainer to you to be featured on a video (Grapes of Catalunya) that was due to appear in January 2016. The video has not appeared. The associated website disappeared and it can now be bought for $12.99. Why did this video not appear as promised in January 2016?

d) WinePop
Given your past history – outlined above – why would any winery/producer have any confidence that they will receive the promised benefits – 149€ special 2016 introductory price or 249€ in 2017. Equally can any of your representatives/ambassadors have confidence that they will receive their promised commission? Furthermore, have you explained to your representatives your background as Aaron Timmer Brown – The Paul Kimmage Fund, failure to pay maintenance etc? 

I look forward to hearing from you. I will be posting on Jim's Loire over this weekend, so it would be helpful to have any response you wish to make by 21.00 GMT today (5.11.16).


Jim Budd
Former Chair of the Circle of Wine Writers
Ex-editor of Circle Update, newsletter of the Circle of Wine Writers (1991-2015 for 122 issues) : dubious wine investment schemes
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This was his response – sent 5.11.16 4.31 pm: 

Dear Jim Budd 
Thank you for your email. I will say your email contains inaccurate and false information.

I won’t be able to give you a proper response by your deadline, but will review this in detail on Monday.


Tim Brown'
I look forward to receiving his more detailed response, which I will post on this blog.

Associated post: Aaron Timmer Brown – the fraudster involved in Wine.Pop

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Aynard said...

Thanks for letting us know. Such people shouldn't be allowed in the wine industry....