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Friday, 5 June 2015

Corrour Station House: now closed

On 23rd May we had an excellent family meal at the remote Corrour Station House – see here. We were very surprised to see soon after that it had closed due apprently to problems with their lease. Recently a notice on the CSHR hoped that they would be back open on 10th June but that has proved to be a false hope:

Message today from
Ollie, Lizzie & Archie
'It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closure of CSHR due to unforeseen circumstances. Every attempt is being made to contact all customers with reservations. We are heartbroken, cannot apologise enough for the inconvenience and truly hope we are able to welcome you all to another 'Ollie, Lizzie & Archie' premises in the future.'
It remains unclear what has caused this closure as the restaurant (the UK's most remote) was popular and their rooms were almost all booked up over this coming summer. Very sad!

Ollie and Lizzie with Netta, who celebrated her 91st birthday 


Corrour Station House said...

Hi Jim,
Corrour Station House is looking to reopen again on the 21st of July under a bit different business concept. Sadly Ollie, Lizzie and Archie have moved on to other adventures, but the Station House will continue to welcome travellers in its stunning location.
You can check us out at

Jim Budd said...

Thank you for this update. The new concept will have very high standards to live up to. No mention I notice of what is happening to the accommodation.

Anonymous said...

They were unceremoniously sent packing because the landowner was fesred of the much hyped "right to buy" and didn't want to lose the premises to a successful tenant.

Arkaig said...

I know first hand that the tenants who ran it successfully in the mid 2000s as a walker-centric cafe with rooms were also unceremoniously turfed out by the estate despite them being both eager to stay and turning a profit for some time. It was then taken over by the YHA which flopped spectacularly as none of the staff really cared about the place.

It seems the landowner here works in mysterious ways.

Must admit when I used the restaurant in the most recent guise (2014) the food was good but I felt it was overpriced and a bit pretentious. I much preferred the homely, simple, plain and affordable style that made it so popular in the mid 2000s.

Geraldine Perriam said...

Disappointing to hear that the tenants were sent packing. It was a marvellous experience. A family member stayed there on our recommendation only to find the 'new' accommodation poor and after hearing us praising the fare produced by Ollie and Lizzie, having to choose between burgers and fish and chips. Several steps backwards by the owners.

We do hope Lizzie, Ollie and Archie find somewhere new. A seriously talented couple. Wish them well.

Please tell those who are seduced into booking by the rave reviews on Tripadvisor that these reviews refer almost exclusively to Lizzie's and Ollie's tenancy, not the current overpriced, underwhelming accommodation.