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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Baumard's Quarts de Chaume Vignes Larges@9th October 2012

 Img_3524: 15.08.21: Domaine des Baumard: showing vignes larges with a view across Layon

A series of photos taken in the Vignes Larges section, that are planted on the terraces of Domaine des Baumard's Quart de Chaume holdings. These terraces overlook the Layon.

   Part of the Quarts de Chaume from Google Earth.
The Layon flows from bottom centre westwards
The white track running parallel with river is old railway, other track that joins it leads down from Chaume and the Quarts de Chaume
My photos (9.10.12) taken in upper part of the terraces with the vignes larges plus the block on plateau north of terraces to right of grassy patch. I spent an hour alone in the vines.     

A comment here suggests that the photos I have so far published on Jim's Loire of the 2012 potential Quarts de Chaume crop taken on the afternoon of 9th October are not conclusive: 'They are distinctive. But you have still failed to provide a photo of the vignes larges with the questionable grapes. These photos are still not conclusive in my opinion.'    

 Img_3525: 15.09.46: vignes larges with some 13 bunches 

Img_3526: 15.09.58 vignes larges with some 13 (14? – difficult to tell exactly) bunches 

Img_3527: 15.10.33: two vignes larges with generous fruit
Img_3528: 15.11.10 Vignes larges with considerable fruit, with next terrace close by – a step down, and then view to south bank of the Layon

Img_3529: 15.11.46: Detail of vine and grapes with vignes larges and 
the South bank of Layon in distance

Six photos (Img_3524 - Img_3529) taken in sequence with three minutes and 25 seconds separating the first and last. This sequence shows that the photos were taken in the upper part of Domaine des Baumard's terraces that overlook the Layon. These vignes larges are distinctive – the only other vignes vignes that I know of are those of Domaine des Baumard in the Clos du Papillon in Savennières, which is not that far away but would take considerably more than three minutes to get there and back. The unthinkable alternative is that I have somehow manipulated the camera settings – both timings and image numbers – in order to frame Florent and Jean Baumard.      


Hervé said...

Manipulated? You mean, like you did when you scared the hell out of Mr Campo's daughter and published confidentially false emails from Spanish DO's and tarnished the image of a tennis captain op one?
My mind boggles at your cheekiness,and, em, inappropriateness, Jim.

Jim Budd said...

Just so, Hervé!

Luc Charlier said...

Like Peter Seller’s « chief inspector Clouseau », who wanted « a rrreum with a vieu ... », you show us quite convincingly “large vines with a vieu ....”, Jim.
Judging by the pictures, not only are grapes abundant, but so also with “inules visqueuses”. At least this seems to indicate that a lot of weed-killers have been used there in the past but at least that this is not the case anymore. They are very tedious to get rid of, as the roots plundge deeply in the soil and are wreathed. I have a big problem with them myself. In narrow-planted vineyards, a pickaxe or a mattock are the only solution, but here a decent tractor will do.

Jim Budd said...

Thanks Luc. Hervé you mean the sort of allegations of harassment that The Drinks Business published last September?