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Saturday, 24 November 2012

#EWBC: flying pigs , Istanbul spice bazaar etc.

Turkish 'flypgs'

We flew with Pegasus airlines, whose aircraft are memorably adorned with 'flypgs', which I assume is the Turkish for Flying Pigs, from Izmir to Tbilisi, with a four hour stopover in Istanbul, and then with them back to Istanbul.

They certainly seemed considerably more relaxed than other European Airlines – no boarding pass check when boarding the aircraft. I sat next to a transit passenger, who appeared not to have a boarding pass, only the one that had taken him from Brussels to Istanbul. When our plane landed at Tbilisi, some of the passengers leapt out of their seats before the plane had left the main runway and started to get their things out of the overhead luggage compartments. Although the crew made an announcement telling them to sit down, it made no difference and no further attempt was made by the crew to get them to sit down. The luggage lockers remained open as we taxied to our stand. Welcome to the Wild East! 

The rest of the post features photos taken around Istanbul and, in particular, in the wonderful spice bazaar.    

Good to see that DSK (Dominique Strauss-Kahn) still enjoys some support!

A couple of products here that might be of interest to DSK...

Plaques@Entrances to the Spice Bazaar (above and below)

The Spice Bazaar has some wonderful spicy aromas and lots of delicious and enticing products. Unfortunately our luggage for the return to the UK was already close to bursting, so it was impossible to give in to temptation and buy things to bring back. Will have to return with an empty case! 

Mouthwatering array of enticing and interesting products 

Dried fruits and nuts 

Heap of chilli powder

Stall holders ready to offer a deal

Sultan on a horse – detail from the stall above 

Central decoration from stall above 

Sweet and nutty 'doner' – above and below 

Rose oil from Anatolia

Kina (henna)

Various pics from around Istanbul:

 A litter of kittens and their mother at the entrance to a shoe shop

 Chicken doner (above and below)

Grilling lamb

 Drinking taps in the Grand Bazaar

Fear X baby

Some very striking shoes – severely tempted but too narrow 

Turkish delight

Busy Istanbul street

 Decorated trike barrow 

Street seller with his trike

 CRM and a new toy boy?

 Fine moustache 

CRM and another toy boy candidate 

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