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Friday, 28 April 2017

Garden Bridge: B. Johnson 0 Sadiq Khan + Londoners 6

 Some 30 plus trees that would have 
been cut down to make away for Johnson 
and Lumley's vanity project

Great news: Today Sadiq Khan refused to underwrite the maintenance costs of Boris Johnson's Garden Bridge Folly. Hopefully his decision will have effectively killed off this ludicrous and expensive folly that has wasted at least £43 million of taxpayers money with absolutely nothing to show for all this expense. 

Sadiq Khan now should hold a proper inquiry into how this happened and what lessons can be learned.  

28.4.17: Breaking news – Sadiq Khan refuses to 
give guarantees to underwrite the maintenance 
(above and below)

From one of the threatened trees looking across the 
Thames where the Garden Folly would have gone

Spare trees looking good with 
their fresh young Spring growth

1 comment:

Jean said...

That £43million would probably have paid for cataract surgery for every person on the waiting list in the UK, transforming their lives virtually overnight. A shocking waste of public money.
My father waited ten months for his NHS cataract operation. At his age, 88, ten months of not being able to read the paper, see the TV, drive, see the numbers on his phone, the change in his picket and the death date on the food in his fridge is a miserable way to live.
Shame on Boris Johnson.